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Assisted Living Exclusively For Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care

Willow Gardens Memory Care

When a loved one shows signs of dementia and early-onset Alzheimer’s, take a close look at his or her living situation. If their healthcare needs are spiraling out of control, consider our Memory Care program at Willow Gardens. You will have peace of mind knowing that your loved one will receive the outstanding care, comfort, and stimulation they need.

Willow Gardens is a new, nonprofit, specially-designed assisted living residence, devoted exclusively to caring for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. At Willow Gardens, your loved one can lead a meaningful life and get the added support that’s needed.

Willow Gardens is the newest addition to United Hebrew’s 7.5 acre campus of comprehensive care in New Rochelle, where your loved one will benefit from our 90+ years of experience in caring for memory-impaired residents.

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Learn more or schedule a tour! Call Dr. Nora O’Brien, Executive Director of Willow Gardens Memory Care, at 914.336.2338

Thoughtful Design, Thoughtful Care

Willow Gardens is staffed by highly-trained professionals dedicated to caring for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It has features to assist with navigation and ease anxiety that is often experienced by those with memory impairment.

  • Visual cues and contrasting colors throughout the facility stimulate memory and help residents identify their surroundings.
  • Willow Gardens is secure in order to prevent wandering
  • Nutritious chef-prepared meals are served daily.
  • Residents partake in indoor and outdoor activities to engage the mind.
  • They’ll also enjoy the freedom to roam the residence and to stroll in a secure walking garden on the ground floor.
  • The facility’s “neighborhoods” are home-like settings where residents with memory impairment receive exceptional care and live life to the fullest.

Enriching Activities For A Meaningful Life

We know that memory loss affects individuals differently. Willow Gardens offers many therapeutic activities that are designed to help residents revive memories, feel connected, and experience joy.

  • Backed by the latest research in memory care, our licensed and certified therapists create customized activities designed for physical, cognitive, and social stimulation, such as music therapy, art classes, exercise, and pet therapy.
  • Our programs foster feelings of accomplishment, boost self-esteem, and help residents maintain social skills.

Specially-Trained, Compassionate Caregivers

Our staff have been trained specifically to care for the needs of adults with memory impairment. They receive ongoing education to ensure your loved ones will benefit from the latest and best practices in memory care.

There is no one-size-fits all approach to dementia care; we work collectively to tailor our support to fit each person’s individual needs. Our staff is dedicated to helping residents with cognitive impairment find ways to feel a sense of purpose and continue to feel like themselves.

Our team members love what they do. They are committed to caring for seniors with respect, dignity and compassion. They strive to minimize any frustrations, and create opportunities for personal success, that encourage positive emotions, and celebrate daily accomplishments.

Memory Care Services

Health and wellness

We carefully develop a customized care plan for each resident. Case management is provided by our experienced nursing staff who are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
Daily care

Our staff provides daily assistance with all personal care needs, including medication administration and incontinence management.

Engaging our residents

We provide our residents with meaningful activities and engaging, purposeful tasks that give them a break from routine and prevent them from feeling isolated. Using a creative approach, we design activities for physical, cognitive, and social stimulation.

Dining and nutrition

Residents enjoy a specialized menu including three delicious meals and snacks served daily, designed with the nutritional needs of seniors in mind.

Keeping in touch

We offer frequent family and caregiver meetings to keep families informed and involve them in our care plans.

Download Willow Gardens Brochure

Learn more or schedule a tour! Call Dr. Nora O’Brien, Executive Director of Willow Gardens Memory Care, at 914.336.2338

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