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Students, Residents, & The Future of Senior Care

At United Hebrew, we’re committed to providing exceptional care for our senior residents. But that commitment extends beyond our walls. We believe in fostering the next generation of nurses who will be dedicated to senior care. That’s why we’re proud to partner with local higher education institutions like Iona University and Manhattanville College to provide clinical rotations for their nursing students.

The population is aging, and the need for skilled nurses specializing in senior care is growing rapidly. Kathy Appel, Director of Clinical Nurse Partnerships at Iona University, highlights the importance of exposing students to this field early on. “They gain exposure to working with older adults and seniors, exposure that may lead them to a career in geriatric care,” she says.

Win-Win Partnerships

Our partnerships with these universities benefit everyone involved. Students gain invaluable hands-on experience working with older adults in a real-world setting. The additional support from student nurses allows us to provide even more personalized care. Residents benefit from socializing with the students, who bring a youthful energy to our campus. But the benefits go beyond that – by mentoring these future nurses, our residents play a role in shaping the next generation of senior care professionals.

The purpose of a clinical rotation is to bridge didactic learning with an understanding of real-life patient care, according to the team at Manhattanville College. For those students in their final semester of college, clinical rotations have provided the multitude of skills required to improve patient care and broaden treatment capabilities. By experiencing various health situations on different units, students become better equipped to handle patient concerns and manage challenging health situations.

Students get to practice essential skills like communication, collaboration, and patient assessment. This practical learning complements their classroom studies and prepares them for their national boards. Most importantly, they do this in a supportive environment – our residents and staff consistently welcome the students with kindness.

As a major nonprofit healthcare organization, United Hebrew also benefits from this collaboration. We get to meet and mentor future nurses who may one day join our team. But more importantly, we build relationships with these students, helping them develop a passion for senior care.

What Students Are Saying

Both Iona and Manhattanville report that their students have had overwhelmingly positive experiences at United Hebrew. Students consistently mention the kindness and willingness of our staff to teach and guide them. They feel welcomed, respected, and valued as part of our care team.

“United Hebrew is a wonderful place. They are a true community partner, a collaborative partner,” says Appel. “The relationship is all part of mutual desire to promote health and well being among seniors and in our community. People are living longer and we want them to live as well as they can.”

Manhattanville’s students have also shared how much they’ve enjoyed the clinical experience that United Hebrew has afforded them. Students have said how gracious and welcoming the staff is, and how conducive the environment is to learning. Clinical rotations are an indispensable component of nursing education as they expose future nurses to the essential skills required to be successful and patient-focused, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Investing in the Future

By investing in the education and development of future nurses, we’re investing in the future of senior care. Through these partnerships, we’re helping to ensure that seniors continue to receive the high-quality, compassionate care they deserve.