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Your Gift Makes An Impact

We are grateful for your support, which ensures we are able to provide an array of activities, therapies, and programs that help residents across our entire campus of care live their lives to the fullest. Here are some of the programs your tax-deductible gift supports. Please contact Grace Ferri, Vice President, Development & Marketing, at 924-632-2804, x1190, for more information.

Art and culture: At United Hebrew, we never stop learning. We take our residents off-campus to outdoor concerts, and we bring variety of music to our campus in New Rochelle, such as classical, doo-wop, and jazz. We also sponsor educational speakers who address topics ranging from healthy living, to current events, and literature. Our residents also benefit from a variety of creative art activities including painting, pottery, and arts and crafts. Through art therapy programs, we help stimulate our residents’ minds, lift their spirits, and improve their overall quality of life. We also have a dedicated art exhibition space on our campus, the Lazarus Gallery at United Hebrew, which presents several exhibitions and interactive demonstrations each year for our residents, staff, and the general community to enjoy.

Music therapy:  Music does more than soothe the soul; it can keep residents affected by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia connected to the world around them, even when nothing else seems to get through. Music therapy is a key piece of dementia care at United Hebrew, and it also provides positive ways for residents to interact with their loved ones and continue to share memories.

Pastoral care program: Our pastoral caregivers provide our residents with compassionate, personal presence when they are experiencing pain, fear, and isolation. They provide words of comfort, prayer, and poetry to our residents in times of need. Our Spiritual Healing Circle provides programs and services that foster health and healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

Pet therapy: Animals from the New Rochelle Humane Society make frequent visits to our campus to interact with residents, who are encouraged to pet, play, and cuddle with our furry visitors. These interactions often result in the improved physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our residents.

Beautification: Few would doubt the restorative affect of being surrounded by flowers and greenery, whose sights and aromas evoke positive emotions in our residents. We beautify our halls and common living spaces with lovely arrangements and attractive potted plants. In addition, we maintain landscaped interior courtyards, which extend our residents’ living space outdoors.

Birthday celebrations: It’s always a pleasure to celebrate a resident’s special day in whatever way suits his or her style: a special birthday luncheon, music and dancing, and sweet treats are just some of the ways we help mark birthday milestones.

Entertainment library: We’re always expanding our media library to offer our residents a wide range of books, music, and movies for their enjoyment and relaxation.

Spa days: We want our residents to feel spoiled and relaxed! Spa days provide hands-on healing and care through gentle massage, aromatherapy, and yoga, which foster relaxation, stress reduction, and rejuvenation.

The Trees of Life: The striking wall sculptures in the lobbies of United Hebrew and Willow Towers Assisted Living are vibrant symbols of hope and strength, and provide a fitting way to honor a special person in your life. Like a tree, our campus provides shelter and branches of support—becoming a part of them gives you a lasting way to remember your loved one, while helping residents now and in the years ahead.

“When you come into United Hebrew, there’s an immediate warmth, a welcoming feeling from extraordinary people, who work selflessly to improve the lives of our residents. If one can leave the world better off than how he found it, then we’ve accomplished something.”

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