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Add Life to Years, Not Years to Your Life! Says Jane Brody, NYTimes Columnist

At United Hebrew’s annual meeting, NYT columnist Jane Brody said to live long, you must live well. Here are her tips on healthy aging.

Seven Ways to Stay Healthy in Your 70s and Beyond!

New research related to diet, exercise, mood and more shows that lifestyle choices still matter for seniors well into the later decades of our lives.

5 Tips for Seniors to Weather the Winter

Winter weather poses certain safety hazards for everyone, but especially for seniors. Here are five essential tips for surviving the season.

How to Stay Socially Active as You Get Older

New research shows that social isolation can have a significant negative impact on our health. Here are six tips to help your or your loved one stay socially active.

Exercise Each Day to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia

New research shows that exercise can help your brain grow, enhance cognitive function, and prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. And we’re not even talking about long hours of grueling workouts!

United Hebrew’s Home Health Agency Rated Among the Best in Nation, Highest in Westchester

United Hebrew’s home health care agency has been rated in the top 12 percent in the nation, and the highest-rated home health agency in Westchester.

United Hebrew Awarded Five-Star Rating for Fifth Consecutive Year

Our skilled nursing home and rehabilitation center has received five out of five stars for overall quality by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and received additional national recognition for superior care.

Take a ‘Trip’ Around the World at New Lazarus Gallery Art Exhibition

You can take a journey to sites near and far—see lions, flamingoes and look at Coney Island’s boardwalk in a new way—without ever leaving New Rochelle by touring our juried art exhibition.