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Top 9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

With a little creativity, and an understanding of the challenges your elderly loved one faces, you’ll find a gift that does more than bring a smile – it might change a life.

United Hebrew Completes Major Assisted Living Renovations Project

We continue to invest in our facilities in order to meet the wide-ranging needs of today’s seniors.

How to Stay Socially Active as You Get Older

New research shows that social isolation can have a significant negative impact on our health. Here are six tips to help your or your loved one stay socially active.

Simple Tips to Help You Cope With Sundowning

When someone has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, agitation, confusion, and aggression are some of the most challenging behaviors for caregivers to handle. Here’s what you can do.

At Willow Towers Assisted Living, Seniors Go ‘Back to School’

Lifelong learning helps build social connections and ward off isolation, which helps our seniors maintain their mental fitness and overall well-being.

Meet Some of Our Feisty, Independent, and Outspoken Personalities

We invite you to meet some of the wonderful individuals we have the privilege to care for and help lead life to the fullest.

Willow Towers Assisted Living Honors 30 of Its U.S. Military Veterans on Flag Day

A tight-knit community of veterans call Willow Towers home.

‘Art of the Garden’ Exhibition in our Lazarus Gallery

"Rockport Garden," Michelle Golias

Opening on June 11, the ‘Art of the Garden’ will feature 50 beautiful and evocative paintings, photographs, sculptures and mixed media depicting nature in all its glory.

5 Ways Dancing Makes a Difference for Those with Dementia

Dance and movement therapy are the most recent additions to the robust creative arts therapy program across United Hebrew’s campus.